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General Instructions of UGB
  • There are two SEMESTERS in one year. First Semester is of 500 marks, Second Semester is of 500 marks. Total marks after two semesters would be 1000.
  • There will be internal assessment / Sessional marks of 25 and semester marks of 75 for each paper / subject, both for theory and practical examinations.
  • Theory Examination :
    3 hours duration for each paper. In the first semester five theory paper out of which four are core papers and one is Elective paper.
  • In the second semester one paper is Elective and other two papers are method papers.
  • Final Practice teaching is on one method paper of one topic in presence of External and Internal examiners.

Admission Procedure :


Last date for submission of duly filled in Application forms with all testimonials will be announced on our site. Keep an eye on this. (It’s usually in the month of May)


Centralised counselling to be conducted by the University will also be announced on our site. (It’s usually in the mid of May)

Final counselling and verification of the application form etc. at Gour Banga University, Malda will be announced on our site (It’s usually in the last part of June)


Publication of list of selected candidates including waiting list is around the last part of June. This will be declared on our site.


There may be a fine if the admission application is not submitted by the due date.


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