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Mission and Aims


The Mission of KCSE is to develop and popularise Methodical Teaching at the secondary level of education under the guidance of NCTE and the Assam University and to create a flow of manpower who are knowledgeable, efficient and employable not only in schools but also in NGOs, and who, even as members of the society are capable of contributing to the Educational Environment of the Society.


With the Mission in view, KCSE has determined certain Aims and chalked out certain course of actions. These are :

  • To make B.Ed. Course easily accessible to eligible students through this Institution.
  • To involve the society in general to contribute to the fulfillment of the Aims of KCSE.
  • To create a flow of employable teachers who will be motivated to fill up deficiency in the instructional ambiance in he district and elsewhere.
  • To conduct survey work in the educational field and to provide for seminar/discussion forum on educational and other social aspects.
  • To inculcate among the students of this institution a thirst for knowledge through their life.
  • To make KCSE as a campus, as an institution and as an organization, a center for acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, information, education and culture.

The committed KCSE is in the process of fulfilling the Aims

Since its inception in 2012, more than 700 (sevsn hundred) students received B.Ed. Degree through this college. They came not only from the district of Malda but also from different parts of India.  Almost all of them are now well places in their lives.

Students completing their B.Ed from KCSE join M.Ed courses, Join Services in private and Government aided schools and become informed parents, brothers and sisters, elders of the family of neighbors and of the society in general.  We do believe, are on the way to fulfill the aims, we charted out for ourselves.

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